All Music Library Blog

September 16th, 2008, 9:13 pm - over 11 years ago.

I want to thank everybody who has helped support All Music Library up to this point and I'm proud to announce another addition to the site, this blog!

This blog is a great spot to see what's new at AML. New music, new features, special promotions and all that good stuff, as well as articles about music and its role in different projects.

From time to time, I'll blog here about the different projects that our customers have been working on which include music from All Music Library! If you're interested in showing off your work and you have some tunes from AML, drop a line!

You can always leave comments below just like any other blog, and currently you don't have to sign up to leave comments.

Also, this blog was created with UWT Blog straight out-of-the box from Zeox Web Design and has some pretty cool features. If you're interested in having a blog dedicated on your website's domain its worth looking into.