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March 16th, 2009, 8:37 am - over 10 years ago.

If you're a long time user, you've noticed that some subtle and not-so-subtle changes have been made to All Music Library. I'll knock them down one by one and give you the benefits for each of the changes.

  • Home page changes - two large pictures were added to the home page, and the overall message has been adapted to put emphasis on the limitless music license. This license is one of All Music Library's strengths over all of the other libraries, so I felt it best to focus on this because it gives people something to talk about.

  • Complete rewrite of the entire html/css markup - All this means to you as a customer is that the website will load faster and be more complaint if you are using an older browser. As always, I recommend upgrading to the latest version of your browser. All Music Library's statistics show that there is still a 8-10% of people using Internet Explorer 6. Which, frankly, is a terrible browser.

  • A new music player - there was a few problems with the old flash player in a few browsers. If too many players were loaded on the page at one time, they would quit working all together. This new flash player is not only more memory efficient, but it will also pause a player if another one is started. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

  • A new footer - each page now has a new footer which contains a list of pages on the site. This list is different from the previous because it is both more attractive and organizes the links into menu categories. This menu also used to be on the right, and that was removed because of redundancy.

  • Menus changed - The cart button has been moved from the side to the top. It's more common on websites to see a cart button on the top, and I thought it would be best to maintain that familiar position. When there are no items in the cart, the link is the same color as the others. When the cart contains an item, the link color changes to orange, and becomes more visible.

  • Font changes - While the overall color palette and layout has remained the same, the font used for headers has been changed from "Trebuchet MS" to "Helvetica". This does a couple of things including (1) making the design more consistent across all browsers and (2) giving All Music Library a stronger overall feel. Trebuchet MS font was certainly nice looking, but I feel it gave the site a sense of "bounciness" that made it seem less serious.

All Music Library is always dedicated to giving you the best possible listening/using experience. I hope you find these changes a step up from the previous.