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October 14th, 2008, 1:00 am - over 10 years ago.

You might have noticed a new sticker on the right menu of the main page that looks like this:

If you click on that sticker, it'll now take you to a page which lists our 10 newest royalty free music tracks. Some of these were created to fulfill requests that people have put in from time to time, while other music tracks are created to fill out the library.

I'll just take this opportunity to say that AML is not a large library and can't even begin to compete with other libraries in terms of quantity - many big guys are proud to boast having over 10,000 bazillion tracks!

You may have noticed that those libraries have a plethora of quantity, but a serious lack of quality. And we realize that you come here looking for music, and not looking to spend two hours panning through mud. Our site was designed specifically to make it quick and easy to get what you're looking for without all the fuss. Heck, we even have an unlimited license just to make it that much easier to work with.

Either way, be sure to bookmark that page and check back from time to time for our newest and freshest. And while you're at it, bookmark this blog too!