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December 29th, 2008, 4:53 pm - over 10 years ago.

All Music Library will be going through some enhancements for the coming new year. The first of which is already up - a new shopping cart that is directly within the site.

The previous cart was a PayPal integrated cart - which worked fine but didn't allow for discounts, freebies, bundle deals, promos, etc. My biggest pet peeve with that old cart - it would open a new window and then force the browser to re-size to full screen.

Well, those days are gone with the new cart. Not only that but having this new cart will allow me to integrate Google Checkout too!

Another thing I'm considering is providing downloadable demos without a watermark. I know that watermarks may be necessary to keep people from stealing music from the library, but I also know that they're annoying.

Why? Ultimately, I want to make sure that All Music Library is always moving in the direction that benefits the customers. Already we don't require memberships (I'm sure you have a MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Delicious, etc. accounts. Nobody wants more accounts.) We also provide the unlimited license agreement, but there's always more room to give.

- Mark