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Free Sound Effects

In addition to our library of award-winning and inexpensive royalty free music, we also have a growing library of free sound effects and Free Stock Images of Music. That's right, for no charge you can use these sound effects however you want in your films, movies, websites, or whatever (except the only thing that you can't do with them is sell them or distribute them on your site without our consent). Think of it as a thank you gift. This list is constantly growing so if you're looking for something in particular don't be afraid to contact us with a suggestion.

All the sound effects authored by us are made available on this page ( and are free for public use and free for commercial use under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain License.

People / Crowds

  Restraunt Background Noise 2.76 MB  
  Party Next Door 1.75 MB  
  Heart Beats  


  Dropping Coke Bottle 57.5 kB  
  Glass Breaking 1 84.1 kB  
  Glass Breaking 2 45.2 kB  
  Car Door Inside 84.1 kB  
  Car Speeding By 1 404 kB  
  Car Speeding By 2 438 kB  
  Hitting a Punching Bag 158 kB  
  Loading Gun 14.5 kB  
  Dropping Bullet Shells in Box 334 kB  
  Noisy Outside Air Conditioner 725 kB  
  Sharpening Metal Blade 57.5 kB  
  Washing Hands in Sink - Short 221 kB  
  Washing Hands in Sink - Long 1.08 MB  
  Flicking Light Switch 219 kB  
  Flicking Light Switch Quickly 369 kB  
  Electric Sparks 250 kB  


  Barking Neighborhood Dog 1.01 MB  
  Cat Purring Loudly 2.92 MB  
  Birds in the Park 1.37 MB  

Special Effects / Video Game

  Anime Splash 1 88.2 kB  
  Anime Splash 2 63.6 kB  
  Clack of Wood 61.6 kB  
  Enchant 80 kB  
  Disenchant 53.4 kB  
  Strange Sound 1 291 kB  
  Strange Sound 2 412 kB  
  Strange Sound 3 285 kB  
  Video Game Power Up 16.5 kB  
  Arrow and Splat 47.2 kB  
  Miss 51.3 kB  
  Structural Hit on Rocks 111 kB  
  Victory Fanfare 318 kB  

Technical / Sci Fi

  Big Mouse Button Click 1 6.27 kB  
  Big Mouse Button Click 2 20.6 kB  
  Humming of Techno Device 506 kB  
  Notice 37 kB  
  Error Beep 14.5 kB  
  Simple Beep 6.27 kB  
  Large Piston Door 178 kB  

Other Free Sound Effect Websites

Didn't find what you're looking for? Don't feel bad, there are plenty of other free sound effect sites out there. Some are listed below.

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